New Sun City Adventure

Sun City a luxurious local destination for locals and tourists.

It’s affordable unlike other local spots around South Africa.

You guaranteed a relaxing break away, there’s something for everyone, whether you into adventure, gaming at the casino, restaurants, spa treatments, game drives, there’s an abundance of activities!

The valley of the waves is a must for water babies, it’s great fun for the whole family, you can cool off at Brew monkey for a cocktail or mocktail, enjoy a scrumptious lunch, then join in the fun with the rumbling waves.

With the new look and feel Sun City has a presence unlike any other destination, the hospitality is brilliant, staff are friendly and you feel at home. Africa is home!

The game drives are amazing! There’s no guarantee which majestic animals will make an appearance, as they do make a presence, it’s an exciting sighting. Pilansberg national park is massive, it covers over 200km of road, being out in nature is tranquil and allows reflection time. The private game drive was special as a birthday treat, along with champagne and snacks, a worthwhile 3 hours out in the wild.

Foodiewhippedsa and I enjoyed a relaxing massage at the Gatsby Spa, this was the ultimate indulgence, the Gatsby Spa wins awards every year, it’s not hard to see why, the skilled therapists are brilliant! This was a highlight of my birthday!

The breathtaking view from our room at the Soho Hotel, previously known as the main hotel at Sun City.

The chocolate croissants at breakfast a real winner!

The beautiful spacious room at the Soho Hotel.

Dinner at Legends was exceptional! A butterbean mash served with prawn and calamari. The service and attention to detail made this dinner brilliant.

This break was much needed, a relaxed state of mind and recharged for the weeks till the silly season. Thank you Sun City for hosting us! Can’t wait to return!

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Beauty Empowers – Here’s how…

It’s way past women’s month, I know, so many ideas rushing through my mind, so many concepts, thoughts, what’s this all about? I kept asking until I realized As women we have so much potential why aren’t we using it?

It’s been an intense year of finding myself once again, a year of highs and lows, I keep wondering how can I make a contribution to other women, how can I make a change?

With a society of body shaming, crazy social media bullying, low self image, I realized I don’t want to contribute to those who choose that negativity anymore! We have to build one another up, be honest and loving to each other. No more fake behaviors from others. We really choose what to accept from others. Let’s be treated lovingly by other women!

Here’s how:

This is a new brainchild I have been working on, creating a community of like minded women to share with one another.

I will be creating a platform on social media for women to comment and share kindness, on a regular basis, this is to encourage, build one another up, this is for you! The aim is to respect one another from all nationalities, appreciate beauty, we are all beautiful and have something to contribute, be it a skill, a gift, a profession.

If this is something you interested in kindly contact me.

Here’s to sharing, uplifting women! This is for any lady who’s got a positive mind and attitude, good vibes only!

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The Majestic Mosaic Orient

The Orient Boutique hotel, captures the exotic essence of the Middle East, with its luxurious decor, this Private escape is an essential on any travelers list. It doesn’t end there. The award winning Mosaic Resturant compliments this Palace in every way, as what would a beautiful view be without exquisite fine dinning. It certainly does live up to its standards!

As we entered the Royal suite, a uniquely decorated theme is carried out through the suite in luxury. 10 rooms of unique decor, as each suite tells a story. Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire, decorated in black and gold, a private balcony with breathtaking views. The highlight has to be the swing in the room.

Chef Chantel’s flair for food is felt in the dishes prepared, each dish is prepared with attention to detail. It’s a gastronomical experience for any food lover, that appreciates flavor, fusion of ingredients that tantalize your tastebuds.

The Resturant Mosaic at the Orient has one of the countries finest wine cellars. Along with there very own Sommelier, Germain Lehodey, a fine gentlemen with a wealth of knowledge on the finest wines.

The desserts are exquisite! A Decadent chocolate mousse paired with a berry sorbet.

The menu is paired with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, to cater for every individual.

The generosity and attention to detail is a personal favorite. I certainly look forward to my return.

Looking forward to hearing your experiences on your trip to The Mosaic Orient.

For bookings contact:

012 3712902

Discovering Hidden Gems in Africa with Travelstart

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The adventures, cultures, cuisine, sightseeing, shopping along with meeting new people.

Africa is a must on every travelers list, the culture and diversity along with the picture perfect sunsets! luscious landscapes are beyond breathtaking, if you a foodie there’s an abundance of cuisine to suit every palate.

I was pleasantly surprised when I took the Travelstart quiz, my secret travel destination came up as, Namibia.

It’s a destination on my list for sure!

We all have a preference, some of us are memorized by sunsets, while others are called by the ocean, the sounds of the crashing waves breaking, not to forget the bush babies who enjoy the safari.

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