Organic life fair 

I had an opportunity to attend the Organic Life Fair, with my family this weekend, an wonderful day out at the botanical gardens…

Organic meaning: live, living, natural

Sunday was a day in the sun of fun, the organic fair took place at the Walter sisulu botanical gardens, one of my favorite picnic spots, this space is a must if you want to connect with nature and hugs a few trees, this venue encourages you to walk on the grass barefoot and carefree, this venue is used to concrete, kiddies parties, picnics, hiking trails and much more.

Entry into the botanical gardens only R35, the fee goes towards the upkeep of the gardens.

I met these lovely ladies from organic life spa, treated myself to a back and neck massage.

Trice the organizer is a wonderful lady with loads of wisdom and a gentle soul indeed, the weather was hot, there was plenty of shaded areas in the tents to cool down.

This lemonade was my favorite drink, it was definitely organic with the delish coconut around the rim of my cup.

Athele pictured with me was one of the highlights of the event, she gave 5 min free numerology readings, this was rather accurate and the only info required are you birth details, definitely a must try I would certainly book a session.

Tejal from Estoril books, had an amazing variety of books, what certainly caught my eye was the mandala colouring in books, Estoril books are based in Fourways mall as well as in crests mall, it’s my preferred book shop.

For the wine drinkers there where amazing varieties to choose from, you where provided with a taste and could purchase a bottle or two.

Messays cotton and leather products where purely organic, the colours and texture of the fabric keeps you cool in this summer.

The currency was coupons used to purchase food and treatments, all treatments where a duration of 15 min and cost R100, my highlight was the reflexology treatment I had, more about reflexology in another post.

I spent 5 hours at this event it was worth the R35 entry fee, best of all I spent time with family.

Here to a fantastic week ahead xxx

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