Thai cuisine at its best

Simply Asia clubview, Thai cuisine at its best.

We had the pleasure of meeting Christopher & Kim-lee who where the most loving and hospitable couple I have met, they take a lot of pride in there service, interact with all there customers freely.

A lovely atmosphere and a feeling of comfort while sitting at this awesome place.

This dynamic duo are passionate about hospitality, Thai cuisine, and are truly remarkable hosts.

The most aromatic fragrant experience, the Thai spices explode through the air, making you want to try almost everything on the menu, and yes they have a liquors license.

Half price sushi on a Wednesday and Saturday, how does it get better than this?

Thai food is prepared with so much heart and soul going into every meal, as the saying goes you are what you eat, the chefs are well centered individiuals who take pride in there meal preparations, Thai cuisine is an art, Simply Asia  Clubview gets it perfectly, with there skilled authentic chefs all the way from Thailand.

This is by far a little hidden Gem amongst the Simply Asia franchise, situated in Centurion.

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Simply Asia centurion at its best
Simply Asia centurion at its best

Simply Asia Centurion: 012 6546685

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