Divine space

Divine space

Penni Du Plessis from divine space is such an inspiration, her passion for people, colour, positive nature is hard to ignore, her articles and information she shares is a wealth in itself.

Penni offers workshops from bars, colour therapy, much more, to empower you on an amazing level, how does it get better than that?

I draw a lot of inspiration from colour and have used Penni’s transformational sprays, wow does it shift possibilities, at first I thought how can a colour oil assist me to heal, you all wondering too… We respond to energy and colour more than we wish to admit, I was blessed to try the mini spray bottles in various colours and it worked magic, so I truly am a believer.

In my experience i have noticed what we eat and wear daily, plays a big role in how we feel, colours are all around us, don’t be afraid to be bold and choose new colours, at times we choose what we require for that time, then choose other colours, colours are everywhere nature, food, fabrics, our planet wouldn’t be fun without it.

Visit Penni’s website or pick a colour, see what your colour journey represents.

Contact: Penni du Plessis



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  1. awesome – thank you. I am so glad you have enjoyed using the sprays and oils, and have felt the support they offer. Colourful blessings Penni

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