Taste of Jhb

Heritage day was colorful and amazing at the Taste of Jhb 2015

The Savanna lounge kept us shaded from the scorching heat, cool with a tent and comfortable white couches to lounge around on.

I had the opportunity to meet Mo & Jo from the ultimate braai master, ambi pur, did an interesting experiment with cooking in a room with pungent smells of onions and livers, only to send us out and spay the room with a beautiful citrus fragrance, no food smell at all, ambi pur works on a molecular structure and doesn’t mask the oudour, instead works it’s magic to absorb the smells, freshness all over it certainly works.

I had the opportunity to taste this new drink my hubby bought around R25, ruby flavor, its a calming drink, which contains green tea, high in antioxidants, was rather refreshing yum.

I was indulging a lot, it’s ok it’s a weekend why not, had the most Delish cocktails I had a Cosmo it costs around R50 so worth it, they also cater for those who prefer a virgin cocktail.
It took my hubby and I at least 2 hours to get through the awesome stands and chat to everyone about what they had on offer.

A wonderful expo indeed, we received our wine glass as we walked through the media stand and where warmly greeted, this was my first taste experience, I will definitely return next year for more.

The Taste of Jhb is currently on till tomorrow, get your tickets now and get down to Monte Casino for your taste experience.

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