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Happy Thursday everyone, I had an awesome night out, thank you zomato and simply Asia for the invite, sharing some pictures from last night below.

My favorite sushi chef Tish, he added so much love to his creations, they always say you can taste the passion of a true chef when his love goes into preparing food.

I would recommend the salmon roses, it’s divine if you a salmon lover, tempura prawn sushi is just as delish.

I had  to order my favorite 622 prawn linguine, my hubbys fav is 514 chicken noodle dish, I would recommend either dish.

This was an evening of fun and laughter as hubby and I met so many amazing people at our exclusive table, we had an opportunity to taste durbanville hills wines.

The best for me was the pongraz champagne, so delish those bubbles where.

Simply Asia centurion has a great reputation, as there hosts go the extra mile and make you feel at home, husband and wife duo, Christopher & Kim Lee, well done on an outstanding event and excellent service.

Simply Asia clubview: 012 654 6685

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  1. cnadas says:

    Great post! Been wanting to go to Simply Asia for a while now. Thanks for the recommendations now I know what I could order

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