Sukoon Day Spa 

Sukoon Day Spa was my birthday weekend treat and I had no idea, how the Hubsy kept that a secret only he knows, till I figured out I was going for a spa treat.

I am very particular when it comes to going for spa treats, as I am very critical about the technique of the therapists as well as the decor and the spa altogether, well that’s what you get when you trained in the industry and know how it must be done, and wow wee was it an awesome experience at Sukoon Day Spa, we where greeted with a welcome drink, and a signature foot treatment, that’s when I decided it was going to be a great treats to follow.

Pictured our therapists, they where so pleasant and joking around, that’s essential to any treatment you about to have, so I drifted away into pure bliss with a hot stone full body massage, and I was in a zone of peace and tranquility with hubby next to me in a beautiful couples room, the walls painted in blue one of my favourite colours.

The Spa uses only essential oils, this is a bonus as the oils work on a very deep level to promote relaxation and calm.

So I was curious about the logo the lotus flower, this is what it symbolizes: purity, restoration, evolution & potential.

Sukoon Day spa offers packages to suit any budget, I highly recommend it.

Thank you Hubsy for this beautiful gift.

011 794 6552

Situated in Blueberry street, Honeydew Johannesburg.

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  1. Hatish Bhika says:

    Awesome write up. Thank you for the great feedback. It is much appreciated.

    We look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. It was an awesome experience

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