Iridology – diagnosis by the examination of the iris of the eye.

Pictured above is my eye on my last scan a few weeks ago.

Iridology is a scientific method of diagnosis, by scanning the left eye my homeopath Priya is able to indicate early signs of when the body systems are not doing well, then in turn can provide homeopathic treatments which can be curative and preventative.

Amazing how our iris can give so much information and be accurate, the consultation was an enlightening experience, remedies are dispensed in front of you, the remedies are all natural.

I feel a lot wiser and more equipped to stay on the holistic route.

With advanced technology, the programme Priya uses will assist her to pick up any problem areas and balance areas that may require balancing.

I was rather curious to know how this all works and whether the remedies  work, I tried it and I have noticed an increase in energy levels,  I am more alert  and focused.

Priya is a homeopath, studied a masters degree with a dissertation, used the topic of homeopathic complex remedies to treat children with learning disabilities, which resulted in a great success and lasting results.

Success stories range from patients who have fallen pregnant, treatment of chronic  headaches, assisting patients come off chronic medication, from depression, blood pressure, digestive as well as many more wonderful cures.
To consult the natural holistic way, I would highly recommend Priya, she is based in Bryasnton as well as Lenasia.

Priya: 073 160 0818


It was a blessing to share something that is working for me on a regular basis, my gift to you is this information. Xxx

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