Colour Therapy 

Colour therapy is a topic that’s been very close to my heart for many years, I would love to share my reading and expience with Colour therapist Lien Potgieter.

Colors are everywhere, we can’t escape them, they are in the foods we eat, the clothing we wear, in nature, our homes, furniture the colours of our cars, Colour can either drain you or uplift you.

I had the opportunity to chat to Lien, here’s what she’s shared so generously with me.

Questions and answers:

1: How did your journey with Colour therapy begin?

Some 7 years ago I was advised by an astrologer to learn a spiritual language. At that timd I had no idea what she was talking about.

I did my research on spiritual languages and came across colour therapy. I have always loved colour and decor, and could not believe my luck when I found the powerful yet gentle language of colour.
I enrolled into a course in colour therapy and havent looked back since then.
2: What is your favorite Colour?

My favourite colour is green. Even though I dont have that many green things in my wardrobe, green will always catch my eye first.
My colour personality is also green! No coincidences then!
3: Tell us a bit about your Colour readings and how they work?

My colours readings are a tool for self growth and development. I use them to help people become aware of themselves on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

During a colour reading I interpret and translate the colours that my client has chosen (from 18 different colours):

How their body reacts to stress – this is great way to connect body and mind and get to the root of serious illnesses, and heal yourself.

How you handle relationships.

How you deal with life.

The heart of the matters – so at what age your issues/challenges are rooted.

How you can overcome your challenges

And your purpose/gift from the universe.
 4: If you could use one Colour for a whole week what would you choose?

I would choose magenta – it is powerful yet soft. It is the colour of resolving karma in this lifetime. It helps to stretch time, and it is the colour of magic and mystery!

5: How does Colour influence us?
Colour has a great influence on our mood – it can make us feel alive, it can make us feel agitated, it can inspire us, or it can drain us.

If we can speak the language of colour we can use our colour attractions and rejections to guidd us on our path to ‘enlightenment’.
We can use certain colours in our home to create a specific atmosphere and to stimulate creativity.

We can eat certain colour foods for optimum health.

We can wear specific colours to create impressions or influence or inspire people.

Most people take colour for granted though. My mission is to awaken humanity again to its magic and beauty.

6: A description of how you assist people and corporates with Colour, share your work and what you offer?

I work with large corporates on wellness days where I offer mini colour readings/counselling sessions to employees. It helps them to cope better with stress and conflict in the work environment. It is also a great tool to reveal hidden gifts and talents!

I also offer colour personality workshops to corporates where we determine characteristics of team members in order for them understand themselves and colleagues better to improve relationships, enhance communication and limit unnecessary or destructive conflict.

They then paint a wooden person in their colour personality and keep it on their desks as a gentle reminder!

This has been by far one of my most colorful posts, have a look at the images and share your Colour personality with me.

What is your Colour personality?
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  1. I learnt more about colour therapy. I think my colour personality is magenta 🙂

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