Archetypes what does this mean – A typical example of a certain person or thing.

Your Archetypes hold the imprint of that true self.

Purchasing books is my little luxury for those who don’t know, yes that’s me a bookworm from school days, I competed in almost every readathon at school, it was a challenge presented by our teachers to see how many books we could read per week, month. As we get older we read less, fill our minds with all sorts of media, not that media is all bad, nothing is more comforting than escaping into a good book, with a hot beverage of course.
Caroline Myss a fantastic author has written many books to empower and motivate, my personal favorite is this one called Archetypes.

This book is not one filled of stories, instead it’s a guideline on understanding the self and others around us, some of you are saying wow that’s pretty deep, some of you are thinking I don’t come with a label, this book is not about labels, instead what character we fit at a certain period in our life.

It’s a guideline to understanding your true and full potential, poses questions like: who am I? What is my purpose?

How can you benefit from knowing your Archetype?

By using the energy of your archetype to express the true reason you where born, focusing on dreaming big and making it a reality.

We all have positive and shadow aspects to ourselves, this book presents the challenges, positives, shadow aspects of each archetype.
Take the quiz:

Share your results with me, what archetype are you? 

My restults  – 44% Creative, 28% Intellectual, 28% Caregiver

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