A day in the life of a Clairvoyant 

Today I share a very personal journey, something I haven’t spoken about so openly, the day in the life of a Clairvoyant…

What is Clairvoyance – the ability to see past, present and future.

Disadvantages  of being clairvoyant:

People I meet judge me when meeting me and think I am going to start telling them there life story.

Ask me to read there future, they don’t understand I have to be in a certain space or zone as I call it.

Feeling the emotions of others so deeply, can be quite difficult, hence I dislike crowds and stay away from busy places.

There are so many myths on being clairvoyant, here’s clearing up some of them.

Myth busters:

I don’t read minds, I connect to people’s energies, then read the energy.

I can’t take away your free will and tell you what to do, we all have choices I am able to show you the possible pathways available, not make your choice for you.

I can’t harm you or tell you something you want to hear.

The Advantages of being clairvoyant:

The sense of knowing when people are lying to me.

The ability to help others on this level still amazes me.

The joy I feel when I have assisted a client, receiving psorive feedback.

Truth about clairvoyance:

It’s our duty to tell the truth and not what you want to hear.

A good  clairvoyant is someone who hands you a map and helps you define where you want to go and then helps you see how to get there using the map. It’s your life, and your choices will determine your outcome.

It was wonderful sharing this very personal topic with you, would love to hear your comments.

Have you been to a clairvoyant? If yes how was your experience?

Would you go to a clairvoyant?

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