Janice Honeyman's Sleeping Beauty 

Once upon a time Janice Honeyman writer, Bernard jay producer, along with Simon James and Claire pacarix put a fairytale production together called Sleeping Beauty The Pantomime of your dreams!

My hubby and I where so grateful to receive tickets from Jodene shaer, to attend the media show, which took place last night at the Mandela Joburg Theatre, a big thank you Jodene.

The show began with the most magical backdrop and lighting very theatrical indeed – once upon a time, and the cast began with the first act, this left me feeling like joining them of stage and reminded me of the days of speech and drama took me back to my school days, the show was very interactive with the audience, the cast where a perfect fit as they all teamed up and worked together beautifully.

The witty humour and jokes where very current and left us in stitches laughing, my six pack was getting a great work out with all the laughing, not to mention prince Harry’s six pack played by Christopher Jaftha, ladies your jaws will drop to the floor.

Princess Aurora Adora played by Nicole Fortuin, was a perfect compliment to her Prince Harry Hunkador, certainly a beautiful person to interact with, her on stage character is just as gentle as her off stage personality.

My favorites where Mapantsula million played by Dale Scheepers, as he potrayed the minion character to the tee, the wicked fairy Kakkamella Khakibos played by Michelle Botha was a brilliant performance, the highlight was Dame Nora Nursey played by Tobie Cronje.

The crowd went wild for the Panto Nae Nae as we all stood up and danced away.

We where certainly treated with love from Lindt, licorice all sorts, marshmallows and so much more, thank you!

Be sure not to miss this amazing show, I don’t want to give all the surprises away, book now to avoid disappointment.

The show is currently playing at the Joburg Theatre.

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