Action Boards 

We have all heard the term vision, action, dream board at some point, what does this entail: a Vision Board is also called a treasure map, visual explorer to new opportunities.

There are many ways of creating and manifesting our visions into real life, it all begins with a positive attitude, this requires us to be present by living in the moment and actively focused on your desires.

At times I use canvas and paint one word I would love to create into my waking reality, it works that’s a true testament, when I ask for more love I naturally create that word and it becomes real.

Vision boards, dream boards, action boards are all tools to allow us to get closer to what we really desire and when done correctly it manifests that’s the best part of all.

How to create an Action board:

1. You will require some canvas, paints, paintbrushes or cardboard and magazines with glue and scissors.

2. There’s no hard and fast rule besides the fact that all images or words on your board is positive and affirming.

3. Place your desires on canvas and paint keywords that you would love to attract more of into your life.

An example of a vision board:


Watch this space for part 2 where I explain step by step on how to create the perfect Board for you.

Vision boards provide clarity towards your desires, and feeling to your vision.

I have been using these tools for over 8 years and seen my desires become my reality.
Watch this link about vision boards as it provides you with clarity when creating one!

Would you create a vision board? 

What would your vision board entail?

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