Interview with Debbie Howes

I got the opportunity to meet and stay in contact with Debbie Howes, a bubbly individual down to earth, clinical psychologist and author of the LLRH Little Red Riding Hood Revised Reconditioning Technique.

Debbie qualified with her Masters in 1986 through Potchefstroom University, went on to complete her thesis on movement and body therapy, concepts assisting those with depression and anxiety, Debbie is also a Medical hypnoanalysis, offers empowerment courses and workshops, for those who live far way she’s able to assist you telephonically and through email.

Debbie interprets your initial story by asking you to draw a wolf, granny, woodcutter and you represented by red riding hood, the way you draw the image from the colours to the size of each character provides Debbie with patterns of the emotional, unconscious mind. Support structures are available as well as reasons why you maybe facing certain challenges.

 Quoted by Debbie:

By desensitizing and re-processing these unconscious roots, a reality of our birthright may re-emerge which mirrors the authentic self. We will see the parts of ourselves we have always wanted to project become reality.

Debbie was generous and offered me an interpretation of my drawing to be honest it’s very personal, I would encourage you to give it a try, find out what your patterns are and challenges, it certainly was an eye opener.

We all have tools available it’s whether we choose to change what we can or not. We live with certain patterns for many years and believe them to be right, once we see how it’s affecting our daily lives this allows us to choose differently.

Debbie is based in Johannesburg for more information on booking a workshop or one on one session:

082 850 9181

Have you heard of the LRRH technique before?

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