Drama Queen

We live in a world where at some point or another we where, face to face with a Drama queen we may even have been one ourselves, I was motivated to write this post based on the crazy, real life dramas I had to endure in the past 10 months.

A drama queen cannot exist without an audience, wish I had realized that sooner rather than later it would have saved many uncessary conversations, phone calls, seeing toxic people my gut told me stay clear of.

The worst possible time was around my wedding before, during and after, my only solution was to block out certain people, including there phone numbers, it’s certainly a better way to go once you learn to set your boundaries, and move onto greater pastures.

Definition of Drama Queen: 

A person who reacts to everyday events with excessive emotion and behaves in theatrical attention seeking ways.

Traits of a Drama Queen:

1. Energy draining

2. Creating chaos

3. Overstepping boundaries, placing themselves in your personal space.

Some rather destructive traits are difficult to change without professional help, a common disorder (BPD) borderline personality disorder.

I have learnt how to deal with drama queens and drama kings, the best solution for me is to step away and keep a distance from the toxic behavior and negativity, learning when to speak your mind, putting clear boundaries in place, as this serves for the betterment of your soul.

Have you been in contact with a drama queen that drains you?

How do you respond to the situation when faced with a drama queen?

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