Red Emoji

Coca Cola our favourite official South African thirst quencher, Coke does it again, masters with their ad campaigns and brilliant concepts, I love the way this brand always gets it just right!

It’s been a fun task spotting the emojis in and around Joburg and Cape Town, there are so many emojis to choose from depending on your mood that is, download your emoji directly from Cokes official site –

Coke emoji branding are available on all Coke cans, bottles, whether you prefer Coke lite or Coke Zero there’s a emoji for all occasions.

The perfect way to brighten up anyone’s day, pick the appropriate emoji and share it! What are you waiting for?

The red emoji hunt is on, don’t miss out!!  I couldn’t resist and uploaded my wedding pic onto the site, you can do the same and stand a chance to win!

Keep your eyes and ears open and watch out for the red emoji, share your sightings and pics with me and tag #shareacokeza on Twitter.

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