30 Day blogging challenge 

Congratulations Sarah and Kevin Arrow on this amazing 30 day challenge you created, I started blogging around 3 months ago, a friend Verushka suggested I try out this challenge, first I thought seriously me write for 30 days straight without missing a day? I did it today is day 30!

 Big thank you to Sarah and Kevin Arrow, Verushka,  kalpesh (my hubby) all the friends I have made on social media, for the support and likes and retweets on my posts, this is what kept me going.

I am a work in progress with my writing, as I look back I have grown and learnt so much, I am so grateful for the chance to express my thoughts, feelings, opinions, I can proudly call myself a blogger and own it!

If you would love to try the challenge sign up now email Sarah:

Thanks to all my readers for your support, follow me on social media I will follow back.

Twitter: @neetaraga

Instagram: @neetaragadullabh

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