Life coaching with Nalika 

Nalika Govan, a great friend an inspiration in my life, today I am sharing her journey with life coaching:

Nalika’s story:

I would say my journey began as I approached the early 20’s of my life. I became much more aware of my spiritual self & naturally took a tendency towards helping & assisting people. My official journey began in 2014 when I completed my formal training in life coaching.

 I have an enormous zest for life; I know that I create my life and so I consciously make an effort to create each day as best I can. My mornings start with yoga & meditation which I feel is essential in quieting our ‘busy’ minds. I’m a nutritional wellness coach as well so I am passionate about nutrition and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle. I use these tools and techniques to maintain a balanced lifestyle and this helps deal with the challengers of life. Girls got to love her shoes and bags, I love Fashion!! 

It helps in all areas of ones life, spiritually, family, financially, relationships etc. If you think of it in sporting terms, a team must have a coach who has a vision for the team, the coach provides them with a method, tools and techniques to make them winners. The coach wants every success for his team, he wants them to function at their optimum level so that they can achieve their goals. In a similar way as a life coach, I helps clients achieve their goals. 

Why would I require a session? 

Essentially coaching provides one with a new way of thinking, acting & being, one can experience a paradigm shift in which the old habits & compulsive behavior no longer exist. A new way of thinking is adopted, new behaviours are born and ultimately new results must emerge.

What does a life coaching session entail? 

 An initial assessment is done with the client to determine the nature of the problem. Once this is complete, I can then determine where the client currently is and determine how many and what type of sessions will be required to help achieve their goals.


Nalika’s wise words of wisdom: 

Always focus on what you want – not on what you don’t want. 

– The problem is not with life, the problem is you have not taken charge of your mind..
Have you had a life coaching session before? 

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