Cutting Cords part 1



This is a very interesting tool I have been using since I was young, I would love to share and explain the purpose of cord cutting.

Cord cutting is an old practice and is still very current in our daily, waking lives, some may mention letting go or cutting out certain persons, cutting cords takes it to another level where we can reclaim our personal power.

Etheric cords are made up of energy, they are invisible cords to the human eye, seen easily though the spiritual eye or awakened beings can sense them or feel them. There are negative and positive emotions connected to one another, when its positive there no need to worry or cut cords, when it becomes unhealthy and relationships become toxic and needy it’s time to cut cords.

It doesn’t harm another to cut cords, all this does is prevent the person who may have been draining your energy to continue from doing so. Negativity and gossip lowers our vibration and energy life force, this places a drain on your energy and those around you contributing to this tiredness, sadness.

Energy exchanges are what creates cords with others, whether it’s a love interest or not, interaction with another attaches cords.

Cutting cords return your power and returns energy to those who may have been connecting and draining you.


I will explain in the posts to follow how to cut cords, I can assist you to remotely cut cords through booking a session.

I would love to hear from you and know whether these posts are assisting you?

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  1. Kae Sera says:

    Looking forward to the next post on cord cutting Neeta.

    1. Thanks for reading the other 2 posts are up xxx

  2. Tescha says:

    I love this post, looking forward to the next post as well:)

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