Sugar Free Ice Tea


Summer can be exhausting, sugar free drinks are handy for adults and kids and are guilt free! staying hydrated is very important, sugar spikes our insulin levels, we can still enjoy sugar free drinks the healthy way.

Naz a good friend shared some ideas and variations for a sugar free ice tea, I am in turn sharing it with you my lovely readers.

Sugar free ice tea:

You will need 2 bags of Freshpack rooibos tea

 a large lemon

few mint leaves

loads of ice

Pinch of salt 


Place ice in a jug or carrif fancy jug, fill the ice quarter way, add a few slices of lemon, add mint leaves and a pinch of salt

Gently pour the cooled tea over the ice, add water to tea if it’s too hot, remove tea bags before pouring, add more lemon and ice, place in the fridge.

Serve cold, enjoy 

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  1. Tescha says:

    I love this recipe. Its quick and easy and the ingredients are easy to find Thank you for sharing

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