Cord Cutting part 2



Thank you to those who have given me feedback through comments and emails, here’s part 2 of cord cutting:

Every time we make a connection with someone, an energetic cord is attached. Some  connections are good, some are not good at all. This means is that we are connecting our energies to the solar plexus area so that we can relate to that person to exchange thoughts, energy, love and communication.

So that’s great if the person is of a higher vibration, this is a person who is positive and kind hearted, and not so great if that person has a lot of issues ongoing – issues with you or others on a personal level, or are suffering from depression, grief, jealously, envy towards others progress. 

The solar plexus area is located around the navel, in the area up to the breastbone, it is a source of personal power and governs self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation.

A few questions from my readers:

1. Can cords be reattached to persons once cut?

The answer is yes.

2. Can cords be cut regularly, if so how often?

Cords maybe cut on a weekly basis, I wouldn’t recommend more than that.

3. Does cord cutting harm a loved one?

No it doesn’t, it removes the negativity between you and the other person you are cutting cords with.

4. Will I feel better and feel less blocked if I cut cords with places, persons, situations?

Yes you will certainly feel lighter.
In the next post I will explain how to cut cords in the comfort of your own home, or I can assist you remotely to remove the cords and attachments weighing you down, via a appointment.

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