Cord cutting part 3



Cord cutting a step by step guide:

Step 1: Say a prayer call upon Archangel Michael, he is the angel of protection, if you are not comfortable with this pray and ask for protection from your source or universal energy.

Step 2: close your eyes and try to focus on being still and quiet for a few minutes, then visualize the person  or situation who you would like to cut cords with, then visualize the cords beings removed from anywhere that feels uncomfortable on your body, while doing this ask that all negative attachments be removed.

Step 3: Ask that your energy be returned to you and state that you now claim back your power, with love.

Step 4: Ask that you energy is sealed in and you are protected with the love of God or Universal energy.

Step 5: Give thanks for this clearing that has taken place.
Once your cords are cut, you will feel an increased amount of energy, feel lighter and free, in order to prevent cords being attached to you again, do not focus on negative situations from the past, do not listen to negative media, be careful what you feed you mind, as many attachments can be made via media, workplaces home, past memories.

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  1. Thanks so much for this Neeta. I feel this is so important and appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us. xx

    1. You so welcome, will keep sharing xxx

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    An absolute must for those with negative people and situations in their life. A great start for 2016 as well, to continue using throughout the year.

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