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Healthy eating isn’t always easy in a fast paced world, it is important though, I will be sharing loads of healthy options with you my amazing readers! 

I am totally obsessed with hummus, what is this you may ask, hummus is a paste made up of crushed chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, (sesame) garlic and oil. It’s high in protein too!

Mini toasted pita breads and chopped cucumber are a great lunch or snack, you can replace the pita with crackers or supplement with carrot sticks and Avo, cocktail tomatoes.

When we eat clean, we encourage our energy storage to balance, assist the environment from excessive pollution with slowing down animal slaughtering, not eating meat based products, increases vitality and detoxes our bodies from toxin buildup.

Let’s raise our energy and vibration by eating foods that are good for us, raw and unprocessed foods are best, we are only human and if you have the odd cake or sugary food make sure it’s a treat and not a daily habit. 


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