Epsom Salts Part 1


In today’s economic crisis where we are almost back into a recession, we have to make wise choices and not spend so crazily on bath goodies, that we can create in our own kitchens and gift them to friends and family too. 

Today’s post is advice I often share with my clients, Epsom salts has many uses the most common one is for detoxing from impurities, I will share its amazing benefits with you today.

Fill your bathtub with warm water, add 250g of Epsom salts, relax in the bath, this will cost you around R30 max, Epsom salts are available from checkers, dischem, clicks most stores stock this in the baking section.

Epsom salts are made up of pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.

Epsom salt bath benefits:

  1. Cleanses energy field (aura) removes negative energy 
  2. Removes impurities in the body, by absorption
  3. Relaxes the mind, body, spirit
  4.  Soothing back pain, sore muscles
  5. Draws out toxins from the body

I would recommend an Epsom salt bath once a month, you will feel the difference, if you not a big fan of sitting in the bath I will share an alternative in the next post.

Have you tried an Epsom salt bath?

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