Letting go 

This post is one topic that’s been on my mind and very personal in my experiences with toxic people.

I have had many encounters with people who are toxic from family members, person in the work place, friendships that lead to toxic emotions and experiences that I have let go of in the past and recent months.

How to spot a toxic person:

1. Controlling 

They feel the need to control and manipulate a situation, have to get there way.

2. Jealously 

Jealous of your achievements, this is a red flag you can’t share good news with these persons.

3. Drama 

Constant drama, crisis, complaining, screaming, bringing you down, conflicting ideas of what’s really happening, exaggeration of situations.

4: Victim 

They choose to become the victim and blame others for there life not going in the direction they choose, self pity, self centred.

5: Negative 

Judgments on others, continuous gossping of others, blaming others not taking responsibility for there own life, they never apologize.

6: Abussive:

Rude and Abussive, verbally or emotionally, insensitive to others, disrespectful to others emotions or opinions.

Create a more balance life by using these tips:

1: Set healthy boundaries, learn to say no.

2: Create a support system with friends, attract likeminded happy people into your life.

3: Stay away from negative persons, surround yourself with happy thoughts, visions, affirmations.

4: Self awareness, know your surroundings follow your gut instinct.

5: Rise above this, be true to who you are maintain your positive nature.

6: Do not allow anyone to restrict your happiness, live in the moment and follow your heart.

7: Make healthy changes of who you would invite into your space.

8: Rest and focus on the abundance life has to offer, this way you will attract, positive, loving people into your life.

9: Forgive, don’t forget by allowing yourself into the situation to be hurt again, forgiveness means letting go in a healthy way, not going into the same patterns.

10: Be authentic, staying true to oneself.

I would love to hear your feedback on your experiences, have you encountered a lot of toxic people in your workplace or family?
How do you deal with conflict and toxic people? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

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