Anushka + Neshika 

This vibrant team Anushka + Neshika are passionate about healthy living and soul food, they both have a wealth of information to share with the world and soul sisters who have finally found one another along with there soul purpose to Nourish, Educate, Empower us all!

I was lucky enough to attend there Just Juice it workshop 2 weeks ago, it was clear from the start that these soul sisters are on a mission to create love, awareness and nourishment for the soul! they exude passion in the way they speak and demonstrate skills for the greater good, they both are mindful eaters too being vegetarian!

Anushka + Neshika are both powerful woman with successful careers, Anushka runs a legal  firm, Neshika is a life and wellness coach, combined these amazing woman are compiling a book together, I can’t wait for my copy!

My journey is certainly a brighter one having met this vibrant team!

For an opportunity to meet this bubbly team, follow them on social media, be sure to add yourself to there lists for upcoming workshops.

  • Find them on Facebook @Anushka + Neshika ( and Instagram @anushka_neshika ( And get on their early access list to be notified of their upcoming workshops here ( 

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