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On Saturday morning hubby and I checked into Monate chocolate’s magical kitchen, as we where welcomed by the owner Lara Sklaar who is the most generous, loving and bubbly human being!

Our raw chocolate journey began as we where offered the most gorgeous hot chocolate elixir in a mug, with every sip I felt more nurtured and grounded as Lara described the cacao origins, I didn’t feel guilty as I was drinking something healthy and it could taste this magically amazing!

Monate chocolate is by far a unique taste and for any chocolate lover this is the most authentic product you can consume, it’s a superfood which means it’s healthy and provides healing for the body double bonus!

Hubby and I tasted the whole range of Monate chocolate as Lara gave us a wealth of information on raw chocolate, the benefits, this workshop is a must for any chocolate lover, i certainly won’t look at chocolate the same way again, since visiting Lara on Saturday I have been eating the chocolate with so much appreciation.

This brand uses fair trade cacao, from equador and Tanzania, the chocolates are:

  • gluten free
  •  dairy free
  •  vegan 
  • No refined sugar 

Lara is passionate about her brand and loves chocolate, she is sharing her passion for chocolate, offering  tasting to the public for more info on this email me and I will send you all the info for the next upcoming workshop:

Monate chocolate is available in the most amazing flavours from chilli to Himalayan salt, Bon bons, hot chocolate, the perfect as a guilt free treat anytime.

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  1. Best choc I’ve ever tasted, and it has so much of nutritional properties

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