Colour Art Workshops


Colour Art workshops give us a sense of Great fulfillment when discovering colours and there meanings, and how to bring it into our daily lives for optimum health and wellbeing.

So what are the Requirements for this workshop, you must have a sense of fun, love to explore, be open minded, want to learn about Colour and its benefits specifically to you.

Colour art therapy some interesting facts:

  • Colour art workshops, this is a fun way to explore your personality colours, to see which colours you can use to create your dreams into reality with manifestation. Colour readings provide an accurate knowing of which Colour vibrations you are required to eat, wear and surround yourself with.
  • Colour therapy when used correctly can change so much in your life and allow you to heal, find your balance, be your best self, work on strengths, allow your dreams to manifest.
  • The right colours can uplift your mood, create a presence or overwhelm you.
  • Learning about which colours are best suited to you.
  • Increasing creativity 
  • More balanced
  • More focused.

What is your favourite Colour?

In order to experience an art workshop and to learn how to use the right colours to achieve balance, health and happiness, contact details below.

  • For bookings contact: Neeta 

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