Beauty tips by Nikita Nagin


It’s winter and we all looking for the best way to look after our bodies or are we just eating everything in sight? Here’s some great tips on how to look after your body for optimum health.

Nikita a qualified and internationally trained therapist and holistic healer, shares some wonderful Beauty tips with us.

  • exfoliate the body to remove dead skin cells and allow new cells to develop, also moisturize body and face with Shea butter products to prevent cracking, flaky skin.
  •  Mask the hair regularly with homemade masks to moisturize and prevent split ends as well as dry scalp and hair. During winter it’s a great idea to not wax often as it gives your hair growth cycle a chance to grow completely and remove ingrowns one time.

Nikita offers holistic and somatology treatments for woman, she’s a lovely lady with loads of personality and great to chat to!

We all live stressful lifestyles it’s always good to take some time out for yourself, heal by treating yourself to a massage and reiki according to Nikita.

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  1. Yes she’s butter is a miracle product!!!

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