Coffee & Chocolate Media event 2016


The Coffee & Chocolate Media event took place on Thursday evening at Cafe Cru, The pivot Monte casino. This was a fantastic evening with great food and drinks along with local band The Motherland showcasing there talent.

The evening was lovely with a great spread of food by cafe cru, along with some sweet treats for dessert, My favourite had to be the delicious macaroon filled ice cream by sugarlicious, with the variety of flavours, the coffee chocolate macaroons where the best!

One of joburgs best venues for a media event of this nature, Monte casino, a great place to meet and socialize.

A big thank you to the coffee and chocolate team for this goodie bag, filled with luxurious treats, I have already indulged!

The coffee and chocolate expo begins on the 14th-17th of July at Monte Casino, for a chance to win tickets check out my Facebook page in the upcoming weeks for ticket giveaways!

Where chocolate and coffee come together, who can possibly not be there! 

Looking forward to the different vendors at the expo this year as I can stock up on my favourites, be sure not to miss this expo!

Looking forward to seeing you there, there will be more info being posted on the event look out for it on my Facebook page: loveartbyneeta.

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