Fusion Energy Events


Fusion Energy events organized by Nicolle, this event took place on Sunday, this was a wonderful space where holistic healers had the opportunity to offer there therapies and give those who attended something different.

There where many holistic therapies on offer from essential massage to body talk, intuitive diagnostics, Colour therapy sessions, health scans, flower therapy healing, reflexology, sweet treats with home baked goods with savouries and sweets as well as products on sale.

Above Andy in action with his essential massage skills.

Lynda with diagnostic scanning, this was an amazing process to watch as the scanner along with Lynda’s skills gave an accurate breakdown of what was happening in the body, right down to the systems in detail.

Praveena in action with relaxing massage treatments.

The awesome ladies Fazila and Samantha where educating me on flower therapies along with access facelift.

Beautiful crafts by blessings.

Karin with the lovely Colour therapy bottles.

Clare sharing some wise words with me, Colour amongst many therapies she offers.

Body talk in action, consulting.

Carol demonstrating energy fields and frequencies.

Sweet treats with there lovely cakes on display.

A great Sunday meeting new therapists and learning more on holistic healing.

Have you had any holistic treatments?

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  1. Tracy Lester says:

    Loved meeting you & your friends at the BodyTalk stand. Thanks for visiting Neeta. Nichole & Estie did a great job with their first Fusion Energy Event. We at South Atrican BodyTalk had a wonderful day Sharing our passion with all who attended. We look forward to the next event.

    1. Lovely meeting you too ?

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