Guest feature – Clare Weber


I had the opportunity of meeting Clare Weber, a funny down to earth holistic therapist, and was lucky enough to have a reflexology treatment from her.

My feet have been hurting for a while and I always try to have a few relex treatments a year, it’s amazing at what comes up! I am also rather fussy about who does my treatment, it’s always good to go to someone who is qualified in the field, always check whether the person offering the treatment is qualified.

Reflexology is a holistic treatment done on the feet, the most amazing treatment for your feet as your feet carry your whole body. Reflexology is a map for all the systems and organs in the body and can indicate which system in the body requires healing. It has to be one of my favourite treatments as it’s so accurate and relaxing.

Colour therapy is a modality we all use daily from the clothing we wear to the colorful foods we eat, these gorgeous spray bottles of Colour consist of essential oils and high vibration to work on the area most needed. Clare makes these colourful bottles herself, they assist with balancing chakras and allowing ones emotions to heal, they are shipped almost anywhere in the country.

Clare is currently studying a PHD in metaphysics and offers a variety of healing modalities, she has a wealth of information to share and is a memeber of the metaphysical association.
These are some of the modalities she offers, soon there will be more to come as she continuing her studies in the holistic field.

  • Colour therapy
  • Animal healing 
  • Reflexology with Colour 
  • Clairvoyance 
  • House cleansings 

For more info and bookings with Clare contact her on:

  •  076 812 2151
  • E-Mail:

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  1. Love this! I need a treatment like this!

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