Terracotta Army comes to Centurion

Today I got to experience this Exhibition firsthand, the attention to detail, along with the Audio guide, added to the historic atmosphere with life sized replicas.

I took these pictures, to share some of my experience.

This exhibition is for any Historic fan!

Are you fascinated by culture and history? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have lived in Ancient China? 

Centurion Mall together with the industry leader in the travelling exhibitions sector, Expo RSA, are bringing you the chance to discover the mysterious secrets of China from times long past with the Terracotta Army and the First Emperor of China: The Exhibition.
This image I took this afternoon, ancient bow and arrow, hand carved to perfection with very intricate details.


Launched at Centurion Mall on the 3 September and running until the 26 November from 10am-8pm (week days), 10am-10pm (Friday and Saturday) and 10am-5pm (Sunday), the exhibition is an extraordinary voyage into the China of 2 200 years ago. It is, undeniably, the most complete exhibition of the Terracotta Army, and the necropolis and life of the First Emperor ever created. In an incredible staging, this exhibition brings together life-size reproductions of statues, chariots, weapons and objects from the daily life of the First Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, such as they were discovered in the more than 100 pits of the necropolis.


“The works have all been reproduced by Chinese craftsmen from the excavation region, with particular consideration for detail in order to maintain the beauty and originality of the originals,” says Nick Dreyer, Director of Manic Global, a company whose previous exhibitions include The Art of the Brick, Titanic and Dino’s Alive. “The realism of these reproductions is reinforced by the environments and a spectacular audio-visual and lighting installation.”


The exhibition will showcase over 300 objects, with more than 180 warriors. The displays are all built and painted by hand, and made of the original Terracotta Clay which will run over 1200 square metres and over seven scenes – the exact area of the original army. A large sectional recreation of Pit No 1 (the largest pit of the ancient mausoleum) is a highlight, showing clearly the enormity of what is the newest and most important archeological find of the 20th Century.


“Exhibitions are only hosted in quality venues with state-of-the-art facilities to suit the international museum quality exhibitions,” says Centurion Mall Centre Manager Ronelle Domann. “Having been added to the niche list of South African destinations to showcase this mystical exhibition is a huge privilege for us. It not only puts us on the map as a preferred shopping destination, but allows us to offer our customers a unique experience that is both educational and entertaining for the whole family.”


Tickets are available from www.webtickets.co.za or at the on-site box office. Prices range from R130 for adults, R70 for children, R90 for pensioners and students, and R330 for a family of four (two adults and two children). Children under the age of five enter free. Special school packages are also available.


For more information, visit www.centurionmall.co.za, call (012) 663 1702 or email info@exporsa.co.za.

 Expo RSA, a proudly South African company, is the industry leader in the travelling exhibitions sector.

• Over half a million visitors since 2014

• 500 schools visited their exhibitions

• Previous exhibitions include The Art of the Brick, Titanic and Dino’s Alive

• Exhibitions are only hosted in quality venues with state of the art facilities to suit the international museum quality exhibitions.

This is a great opportunity to take your kids along, there’s a wealth of history and story to every replica.












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