Beauty: Eyebrow Threading 

Eyebrow threading is an ancient, middle eastern technique for hair removal. 
Most commonly used to remove hair on the eyebrow and upper lip and chin, in some cases the full face is threaded.

Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair. Compared to waxes and tweezing it is gentler on the skin.

Above the cotton used to thread, it’s not your normal sewing cotton instead a thicker, sharper thread.

Threading is a skilled technique, ensure you go to someone who’s trained and know what they are doing.

Some of my vegan clients mentioned it’s better to thread, as no wax or harmful products are used in threading except for cotton.

The benefits of a great eyebrow thread, is the shape and clean lines achieved with threading. Threading can be done every 3 weeks to a month, this depends on your hair growth.

Have you had your eyebrows threaded?

Would you consider having threading?

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  1. Hey Neeta, personally I find threading the best! I first sought it out as at the time I was on Roaccutane and as it makes your skin really thin and sensitive, you cannot wax. I was so pleased with the results and how extremely accurate and precise you can be with threading, which you don’t get with waxing. It’s SO much more gentle on the skin and it’s precision is unmatched. I would recommend it over waxing or tweezing any day.

  2. Yup!! I would consider eyebrows! Only ouch it pains ! 🙁

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