My 2016 in Review 

So we almost at the end of what some may call an Epic year.

Others call it one of the most challnging years yet.

We all encountered all sorts of highs and low this year, what is it about reflecting on the year that makes us feel a sense of accomplishment? Was it some form of recognition from our boss, spouse or something that just took off in a great way?

Some great lessons I learnt this year:

  • There are some amazing people out there to assist you, this came in the form of my awesome readers In the form of feedback on this blog, to brutal honestly with media.
  • If you don’t ask you don’t get.
  • There are amazing foods that don’t contain meat.
  • Being Greatful is so important to being happy.
  • Taking a break between work is key.
  • Best not to talk about politics to everyone, it can be a red flag.
  • Eating healthy your body will love you for it! This is a journey we can all resonate with.
  • Take responsibly for what you say and put out there, it’s important to be tactful and not react without a filter.
  • Don’t allow anyone to get under your skin, things can only get to you if you allow them too.
  • Don’t hold grudges, it’s ok if everyone doesn’t like you.
  • Be yourself no matter what!

Gratitude is one of the most powerful practices that carried me through this year!

A Gratitude journal assisted me on yet another year of happy, sad and intense moments.

2016 is almost complete, I would love to hear how you would choose to celebrate a new year. What are your asspirations for 2017?

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