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This Monday just got a lot more exciting! I had the opportunity of meeting with the Owner of Easy Health Wellness, Ajita Ratanjee a qualified Dietician.

What is a Dietician:

A dietician is a medical expert on diet and nutrition.

As I walked through the doors of Easy Health Wellness I felt at ease as I was welcomed into a beautiful practice, situated in Moreleta Park Pretoria. the first impression was they sell sugar free chocolate! How could that taste? I was offered a chocolate tasting with all these bowls lined up, to my surprise they tasted just as good as chocolate with sugar. I couldn’t resist and purchased my first packet of sugar free smarties!

Sugarless is available from Easy Health Wellness, along with a range of dark chocolate, white chocolate, chews, marshmallows.

An hour consultation with Ajita is a pleasant experience, as she explains everything and provides you with your customized eating plan. A body Comp analysis has made me very aware of the changes required and refining my eating plan.

There’s isn’t a once size fits all plan, each persons body is unique. By maintaining regular follow up sessions, this guarantees success on weight loss and a balanced lifestyle.

Ajita has been featured in numerous publications, is well known for lasting results in the Dietetics and wellness field.

A dietician is an essential visit for correcting your eating habits, preventing long term illness.

Carb counting is not as challenging as I once thought, I can still enjoy my glass of wine and pizza occasionally.

If you are someone who values your health and wellbeing, would love to implement healthy changes, this is an essential appointment in your yearly calendar.

If you are pressed for time there’s an online store, this makes purchasing your products quick and easy.

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