Kita Fragrances


Meeting entrepreneur Tanya from Kita Fragrances, left me so inspired as I found myself reading up on oils and exploring the wonder of fragrance, it’s a huge industry and one for the passionate person for sure!

Tanya pictured on her wedding day, this image captures a thousand emotions, it certainly relates to uplifting and romantic.

Tanya shared some of her journey with me over a cup of coffee, firstly I had to ask what the name Kita means: two fold meanings one being (True North) the other (One that you come back to).

Stunning gift favors and personalized corporate gifts, available from Kita Fragrances.

As you all know I don’t talk about products or experiences I haven’t tried first hand, my first experience with Kita was long lasting, the fragrance is long lasting! Each of us have different acidity levels and this brand is a luxury brand that focuses on luxury and high concentrates for a longer lasting scent.

Tanya has a keen interest in holistic therapies, her love for fragrance as we were chatting, was truly evident.

Kita fragrances is made up of high quality luxurious oils imported from Grass, in France.

These fragrances are available online, with a range of diffusers, body products, car perfumes, traditional and inspirational fragrances are found here, the sounds of fig, cotton soft, jasmine, fine suede and lavender, allow me to melt away as if on a dreamy destination.

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