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Good morning everyone, today’s post is different and I am channeling my inner goddess and on the hunt for great beauty essentials that are organic and safe to use, so what is motivating me you ask…

I suffer with allergies and ezema in seasonal changes, I am constantly on the lookout for organic products that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

I found this awesome product made by Africa Organics, it’s so natural and free from chemicals, the best part is it costs around R100 from my local Dischem for the shampoo and conditioner, that’s a real bargain.

The product I opted for is marula it contains mint oils and rooibos extract, I feel rather minty and refreshed today.

This product is approved by the vegan association and is sulphate free, not tested on animals.

I studied beauty therapy almost 10 years ago and love finding new products that have the least impact on the environment and on my skin.

Let’s all make a difference and try organic products that give back to our planet and ourselfs.

Will share my beauty treasures and my favourites with you.

Self care starts with self love, enjoy xxx 

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