Blogging – Part 2

Knowing your worth is something that’s rather challenging for many of us, once we truly have the support from others and believe in our brand and skill set, only then do we align with Self worth for the work we do as creatives.

Why bloggers are not just accepting as many trade exchanges as before: the value of an item could be very low, and the Pr company maybe expecting a lot of work, from photos to driving to an event, posting on various platforms, this all takes a lot of time and effort. The cost sometimes cancels the amount of work you are asked to do, in some cases I find it cheaper to buy the product and post on my own.

How to create great content:

  • Be original
  • Be honest about what you promoting
  • Take your own images where possible
  • Read more to improve your writing skills
  • Lighting is everything when taking your images and creating videos
  • Engage with others
  • Research the brands you are working with
  • Variety of content, try to focus on a niche unless you are lifestyle focused.

The most important factor to take into account:

bloggers new and old, blog for the right reasons and about topics and brands you are passionate about, we are all unique so focus on that element, try not to jump on the bandwagon if someone else is doing things a certain way, as what works for some won’t work for you.

lastly, Believe in yourself, don’t allow others to bully you, brands will see your value as content speaks volumes.

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  1. currychick says:

    Wonderful advice. I’m hardly blogging these days! But still surprised at the amount of traffic that visits my page.

    1. NeetaR says:

      Thank you, keep writing you great at it!

  2. divadesle says:

    Really enjoyed this post. Sending love. ?

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