Brand me 

 Branding – identify, stamp, brand.

We are all faced with labels, being branded, does your brand  or labels identify who you really are? 

Branding is everywhere from our business logos, to our profile pictures, social media, to the clothing we wear, we are being branded or creating brands to identify ourselves from the rest.

How others perceive us to be is what we choose to put out there, are we really being authentic to ourselves?

I asked a dear friend to design a logo, branding for myself to use for my personal brand, for the clairvoyant readings and workshops I offer, I asked her to think of me the way she pictures me and design something, wow was I blown away, it was exactly the way I wanted to be portrayed.

The name used is my own since being married the last part added to the mix, the logo is one that’s calming yet magical.

Branding and logos are very important as I have come to realize, it allows others to identify with our service offerings, I am all for using first names for personal branding, it’s certainly worked for me.

Have you uses your name as your brand?

Have you created a brand that fits you?

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