Crystals or semi precious stones as we call them come in different shapes and sizes, polished and some in its natural form rough pieces.

I have been attracted to crystals or stones as some would call them, since a child, would often recall family buying me crystals from the scratch patch in Cape Town, scratch patch is a place where crystals are manufactured into jewelry, from bracelets to earnings, neck pieces, the leftover stones where placed in a patch where you could choose your own stones and buy them according to the weight.

Crystals come from nature and are formed from nature, they carry a lot of light and absorb negative, cloudy energies.

Crystals and there uses:

1: Can be used to zap radiation from our electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, tv, anything that gives off high radiation frequency.

2: Carry crystals with you to protect you from negative energies, bring Abundance, radiant health and wellness, there’s a particular crystal for everything.

3: Quartz crystals are used in medical equipment as well as in many mechanisms we are not aware of, like watches.
How to pick the right crystal for you:

A crystal always picks you, ah you thinking how is this possible, it gives off a vibration frequency and you are attracted to particular stones you may require at the that moment in time.


A wonderful friend a lady I met when I had moved to this city owns the most beautiful crystal shop in the fourways area, Vivienne from stones for Africa, always smiling and  ready to share her wealth in wisdom, she’s contributed this information on what we require at this time:

Smokey Quartz for grounding

Obsidian for cutting cords, releasing the old

Citrine for abundance and new beginnings.
Do you have a favorite crystal?

For more information on crystals visit Stones for Africa’s website and visit the gorgeous shop for a magical crystal experience.

Stones for Africa – 011 465 5825


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  1. verushka143 says:

    My favourite stone is a Rose Quartz

    1. Rose Quartz is an amazing stone to attract the highest vibration of love and balancing the heart chakra xxx

  2. vivienne says:

    Thank you Neeta and great to have connected all those years ago.
    Truly unique each and every gem, illuminating our steps on the journey of life.

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