Emotional eating

Emotional eating is something I am guilty of, it’s a way to mask and comfort ourselves during stressful, crazy times.

Most of us are emotional eaters and we shove anything  and everything we can find into our mouths, when we address the root cause we can then make healthier choices, and deal with what’s causing us to find love and comfort in food.

A few factors that influence emotional eating:

1: Hormonal imbalances

2: Highly strung emotionally 

3: Major life events – divorce, marriage, loss, looking for financial relief.

4: Stress
Stop looking for love in your fridge and cupboards, here’s how:

1: Buy healthy snacks and foods, foods with low sugar content or no sugar even better yet.

2: When tempted to eat something and you not hungry, create a distraction for yourself, this is my personal favorite: 

keep a coloring book or paper and pen around, this is a fantastic distraction tool, I forget about eating.

3: Drink water, most times we are dehydrated rather than hungry, our brain tells us to eat, instead drink water or make some herbal tea.

4: Most important face the issue causing the emotional eating, ask yourself will I honestly feel better or guilty after I eat all of that.
How to deal with the emotions you are facing, some personal tips tried and tested:
1: Speak up – talk about your emotions, this is a healthy way of dealing with emotional eating, talk to a counsellor or a close friend.

2: Write about your feelings and emotions, this is for your eyes only and burn the letter thereafter, this allows us to feel lighter and letting go is beneficial.

3: Excercise – your seratonin levels increase, happy  feel good emotions surface.

4: Meditate – quiet time to listen to your thoughts, find peace and time spent in stillness, bring the answers we are searching for.

Are you an emotional eater, if so what do you eat?

Kindly share this with others, to benefit them.

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  1. indulgingmum

    I am totally an emotional eater. I mostly eat when I’m lonely and given my other half works away………that’s a lot. I eat anything which doesn’t talk back. ?

    1. neetaragadullabh

      Eat lots of healthy snacks, carrot and cucumber sticks and green apples curb sugar cravings, hope this helps xxx

  2. I hadn’t thought about using a colouring book as a distraction from wanting to eat – great idea.

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