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I think this article was a long time coming, so here it is!

I have taken this journey over 2 years ago to start this blog, my first blog I started in 2012, I deleted it as I was so afraid nobody would bother reading my words… or take me seriously, so I have since overcome that, it’s my mission to share some useful info if you are considering starting a blog, already a blogger, influencer or creative.

So here’s the Bad VS Good pointers.


Your true colours will always show, be authentic, never try to be something you not!

Don’t copycat anyone else’s work, trust me someone will notice.

If you not a sociable person don’t even try! It’s takes nerves of steel And the ability to be strong in this industry.

Watch out for the energy vampires, they are like sweet poison, this means don’t trust anyone that comes your way, instead build up relationships with people.

Don’t be conned into making others famous by growing there stats, and they don’t support or engage with you.

Support those who support you.

Don’t be afraid to be asked to get paid for work being done, be it social media engagement, writing an article.

Fuel, parking and data costs are what many people overlook. It’s ok to ask to be paid, once you have a strong following you can command much more.

Patience is a virtue! It’s all worth it if you in it and are passionate about people and brands.

Don’t lie about something being amazing if it’s not. Be diplomatic. Never give a good review if something is aweful.


Content is everything! With brilliant content you have a winning blog right there.

You can monetize your blog, by getting brands to advertise on your page.

The right brand will work with you based on your ethics. Don’t be fooled when someone tells you only they can work for a brand, there’s enough work for everyone!

There’s money to be made, if you can take great images, write good content, you can be a successful blogger.

A positive attitude will get you far in this industry.

Don’t compete with anyone, focus on your brand identity. And what you wish to achieve as an individual.

South Africans are seeing the potential in paying bloggers and influencers, instead of just sending them products to review.

Work on getting your own domain, be it a or .com.

Find a niche, this is what makes you stand out above the rest, choose a focus and go with it. For e.g. Food then focus on food only. If you prefer lifestyle focus on more than one. Try to keep it down to focusing on 3 things you love the most.

99% of my images I take are my own. Including this one on this post.

Blogging takes time and hard work, there’s a lot behind the scenes others don’t see. If you have the passion for writing, taking photos, socializing, this is a path worth considering!

Would love to hear about your journey as a creative, whether this article helped.

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  1. PeanutGallery247

    Fanastic post, you’re an inspiration to a newbie like myself, love your approach ??Yes, this post is certainly helpful, thank you.

  2. Taryn

    This is such a great post thank you! I now know that I am on the right track with my blog and website.

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