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Boosting our immune systems are not always an easy task especially going into the silly festive season, this is a time we overindulge, get many invitations to meet family and friends, work functions ahead.

Here’s how to stay in the clear:

1. Drink a minimum of 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day.

2. Take supplements recommended by your gp or homeopath.

3. Eat foods rich in anti oxidants – strawberries, raspberries, fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Excersise regularly at least 4 times a week, brisk walking, gym.

5. Join a walking or running club.

One of my personal favorites is this awesome immune booster:

5 tablespoons of Vital low gi muesli.

5 strawberries chopped up.

A few tablespoons of Woolworths double cream yoghurt.

Cinnamon quarter teaspoon.


I discovered Park Run South Africa, where you can attend anywhere in S.A an amazing way to meet new people and stay healthy once a week. I have been doing the 5Km for months now, it takes place every Saturday.

Check out there website

This is an ideal way to stay in shape, maintain those amazing summer bodies.
How do you stay healthy and boost your immunity?

Share your tips with me.

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