Inglot has to be one my my favorite brands, my favorite is the nail enamel, lip liner, matte lipsticks, I love make up for those of you that don’t know me, I love the bright colours this brand offers.

The journey of Inglot:

The founder late Wojciech Inglot who passed away a few years ago, started of from humble beginnings as an entrepreneurial chemist, this brands headquarters are in Poland, it has grown from strength to strength, stores all over the world from U.K, Spain, Dubai, Canda and South Africa to name a few.

My favorite Colour is 869, this range has a Colour to suit everyone from high fashion to naturals.

This nail Colour lasts for at least 5 days till I require a touch up, which is brilliant for me as my hands are always in water.

The nail brush and quality of enamel is a 10/10 one of the best finds I discovered last year, the lipstick I used on my wedding day was purchased at a Inglot store at Edgars.

Its a challenge to find the right fit when it comes to make up and nail colours, my tip to you is don’t feel shy ask a store assistant for advice that’s what they there for.

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