Krispy Kreme za

Krispy Kreme is in S.A, calling on all sweet tooths, they are situated in the Rosebank mall in jozi, hubby and I went to check it out and see how delish these doughnuts really were!

The line moved quickly and as we entered the store we where greeted with a complimentary doughnut, that was already off to a great start!

I had the pleasure of catching up with Gerry as well as with Jason, they are just amazing as they have such passion for the brand, they where so easy to chat to and ready to answer any questions.

My favourite from the selection had to be the red velvet cake doughnut, it’s unique taste and texture leaves a lot to be desired, I would recommend this one as I love cake and doughnuts and it’s the perfect mix!

Krispy Kreme staff are sent on training all over the world and have set  quality standards in place, this allows for effiencent friendly service.

The magic happens is this Rosebank store where the line runs and produces 110 dozen doughnuts per hour, that equals around 1320 doughnuts an hour.

The core ingredients are imported from the states, this makes the brand different and leaves no room for it to be replicated.

Thank you Gerry for the extra special treat of original Krispy Kremes hot off the line!

My day was made and my doughnut craving more than satisfied!


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