Letting go


This topic is very sensitive to some, and rather personal to me based on the toxic people I have encountered in my lifetime.

Many people have come into my life and I have chosen to see the light and not allow toxic people, enemies into ,y space, I would love to share the signs of spotting a toxic person as well as how to deal with toxic persons successfully.

How to spot a toxic person:

1: Control – controlling, manipulating situations and persons, trying to get there way constantly by pulling on your heart strings and pushing your buttons.

2: Victim – blaming others, going into self pity, negative thinking about being the one left out, guilt tripping you to feel sorry or bad for them, gaining sympathy.

3: Negative – judgemental of others and there beliefs, complaining constantly, negative comments about everything.

4: Arrogant – sarcastic comments, victim mentality, rude, manipulative.

5: Gossip – harming others through words, bashing others, putting down people in front of you, complaining.

6: Jealousy – jealous when you speak of your achievements, this is a red flag when you can’t share your happiness with these persons, steer clear.

7: Drama – creating a scene, verbal abuse, conflict, lying, manipulative behavior to get there way.

8: Energy loss – feeling drained and low after listening to this negative talk about others, and complaints, they tend to look at the bad side constantly, try to drag you into there drama.


Take back your power by using the following tools:

Dealing with toxic people successfully:

1: Set limits and boundaries – do what is comfortable for you, learn to say no, stay away or limit your integration with them.

2: Forgive – forgiveness allows us to let go of the resentment we may carry around with us as well as the hurt, forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget the behavior and become best friends, it simply means you forgive the person and situation, you can keep a comfortable distance, manage the amount of interaction you have going forward.

3: Self awerness – keeping a positive mind and not engaging in the past and dramas of others, letting go and focused on the self and peace.

4: Support system – allow yourself a way of releasing the negative emotions and abuse, talk about it and let go, or write your feelings on paper and burn it, find a way to support you in this process, be it through friends or a counsellor or writing.

5: Happiness – allow yourself to embrace all that’s positive and happy in your life, create a daily gratitude journal.

6: Grow – look ahead and not behind you, see how far you have come, motivate yourself to stay on the path.

7: Self care – self love is the most precious gift you can tune into, we all have it and it’s costs nothing, work on embracing and loving you, this creates a higher vibration of love and allows you to become stronger when faced with challenging situations.

8: Intention – is a very powerful thing, hold positive loving intentions when you set out to do anything, this keeps our attitude positive and gives us a sense of why we are doing what we doing.

Have you encountered a lot of toxic people in your family, friendship circle or workplace?

looking forward to hearing from you, does this blog empower you?

thank you for connecting and taking the time to read, remember we all are a work in progress.

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