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Relationships and love are one of the most important things that make the world go around, when we can live without having expectations of another it makes living a whole lot easier.

When we grow from experiences we learn, that’s all part of the process, love is the only answer even if it’s from a distance, there are some people we come across that remain immature, negative and the best way is to love them from a distance and not feel guilty about it, it’s still allowing room for them to grow into there own without them draining you or creating drama.

Some tips on how to love another without smothering them and allowing growth:


  • Allow space between you and the one you love.
  • Try to not create expectations from yourself or another.
  • Be loving and respectful when talking to one another.
  • Tell them you love them.
  • Spend quality time together and avoid bashing others or one another .
  • Speak your truth by being honest always.
  • Be a friend, don’t take on burdens and allow each other to work through issues that have to be dealt with.

Some personal advise I have always been told by my parents: we all here to learn and grow if a situation or someone is not serving your highest good it’s ok to let it go.


Healing comes in different forms for all of us, the most powerful thing we can do is not be in judgement of another and how they choose to grow on the journey they choose.
Spread the love and keep growing into the best possible you!


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