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Join me as I cast my vote on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2016.

Making it Count is what these elections are all about, you have no voice if you haven’t contributed to making it Count!

South Africa our beautiful Motherland, rich in culture, Wildlife, abundance of innovation are just some of the keywords to describe our country. Then there’s the down side the corruption the crime, negativity. This is the very reason we have to vote, would you love to see this country flourish? 

Monies spent on Jets, planes, houses, clothing, startup companies for family (neopotism) at its worst form, are you seriously comfortable with the taxes you pay, being spent on all this and more, where’s the benefit for our people?

What type of culture or message are we sending out to the world, to the youth? Are we saying you are better than us and you can take our hard earned money, have lavish parties, is it ok to marry more than one person? What does that say about our nation? Are we not enough as we are? Where’s the self- love in all of this, do we give up self-love and self-respect just to be taken on a journey of lies and deceit, or do we create jobs and stability in our country, with loving values for our future generations?

We are not a fearful Country!

Let’s spread love, not fear, lets educate and empower one another, this isn’t a competition it’s our lives, we can’t possibly gamble with that now can we?

Each of us deserve an education, clean water, safety to preserve our wildlife, safety for children, crime free nation, support, health care, keeping out crime from other countries, respect for one another.

 Regardless of your age, skin colour or culture. Respect is earned. Hard work is necessary. Morals, integrity, honesty are the only stats you should be interested in.

Stand up for what you believe, you have a voice, make sure to vote as every vote counts more than you know.

I love my Country! I am proud to be South Afrcian! Support me in having a voice!

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