Mandalas an Ancient Sanskrit word meaning circle or central point, mandala is a circular pattern that can represent our Universe or inner world.

My fascination with mandalas started over 10 years ago, I kept seeing these images and wondered whether there was a sacred meaning or if it was just a design created to look pretty.


mandalas are made up of a circular form, four entry points as the cardinal directions north, south, east and west.

Mandalas come in an array of shapes, forms and sizes.

Mandalas date back to Ancient times and are common practices in Hinduism and Bhuddist cultures, the ancient art form is used to allow self expression, inner truth of the world around us.

Mandalas allow us to focus on our inner thoughts, allows us to discover our creative energy this has been my experience in the months I have been colouring them in.

The best part of colouring in are the ideas and emotions and expressions that arrise when colouring in.

I have attached a few free printouts, print these and colour in using colour pencils, wax crayons, sharpie pens, or oil pastels, any art medium that you love working with in colour.

All the images used in this blog where taken at my colour in workshops.

I run colouring in mandala workshops this includes a mini colour reading based on your artwork, for more info email:


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